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GC Tooth Mousse (Vanilla), 40g/35mL

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Details Of This Product

Tooth mousse and tooth mousse plus are topical tooth c mes. Both of the products bind calcium and phosphate to the tooth surfacesplaque and surrounding soft tissue. They also contain recaldent (cpp-acp)a special milk-derived protein. This technology has a unique ability to deliver bio-available calcium and phosphate when the patients saliva is acidically-challenged by the normal digestive process. Every healthy teeths need for calciumphosphate and fluoride makes mi paste and mi paste plus essential for every home and dental office. They are both available in five tasty flavors melonmintstrawberrytutti-frutti and vanilla. Tooth mousse is not a toothpaste; it is a topical tooth c me that can be used safely several times daily. Both products release vital minerals into the mouth when and where needed.

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