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Meenakari – Magistic Art Of Enameling

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If you are avid jewelry lover, then we won’t have to make you familiarize with an art form extensively used in jewelry making, since ages: Meenakari. Meenakari is a Persian art-form which was brought to India by Persian enamellists in Mughal era. Mina is derived from the Persian words minoo which means Heaven. This art form has remained intact for 500 years of its origin. Even today, any Meenakari artifact must go through the same assembly line of craftsmen as it used to go through hundreds of years ago. Raja Maan Singh of Mewar is the patron of Meenakari, his efforts made this art-form gain wide applause amongst people. Soon with raja’s efforts Jaipur became the hub of Meenakari art-form with the involvement of several craftsmen from Lahore.


Wide variety of metals can be used of designing, which includes precious and semi-precious metals such as Brass, copper, silver and gold. Meenakari art-form is used exquisitely to express various themes and occasions.

Types Of Meenakari:

-Ek rang Khula, in which single color is used. Such type can be made while designing the bridal jewelry.

-Panchrangi mina, which is created using 5 different colors Including white, pale blue, dark blue, red and dark green (standard colors for the art-form). Contrast and usage of such vibrant colors gives it an unusual taste and makes it different from other art-forms.


How Is It Created:

Step One involves the designer of the art-form who is called Chitera (Naquash) , the design then goes to goldsmith (Sonars )who engraves the design , the enamellist (Meenakar’s) applies the color thereafter and then rest of the work is handled by polisher (Ghotnawala’s) , stone setter(Kundansaaz) and stringer(Patua) . This whole process includes significant chain of craftsmen who creates the art-form altogether.

Interesting fact about this Meenakari Jewelry is that mixture of tamarind and lemon is rubbed on the finished product and get the luster of each color highlighted.


GahneMall promotes this colorful art-form and embrace for ages and we believe its one of the rare ancestral gifts given to us by our heritage and culture. We here at GahneMall Present you the Handcrafted Meenakari jewelry.

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